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The cscareers platform was created with the intent of being your one-stop for obtaining your next software engineering job.

Job Posting Alerts

Checking Linkedin for new job postings is old-school. Receive intern and new grad job posting alerts as soon as they're created just by being a member of our Discord server

Job Sheets

Forget that spreadsheet you used to keep track of all your applications; cscareers members receive individualized tracking sheets for their recruiting season.

Job Process Tracking

Getting ghosted is a thing of the past with process tracking. View our community-sourced status aggregates to figure out if a company is handing out interviews.

Interview Practice Problems

Interviewing prep is tough. We curate specific problems asked by companies so you are better prepared for your interviews.

Salary Sharing

Don't finesse yourself. Learn what others are being paid for their software engineer intern/new grad positions.

Interview Timelines

Learn the interview process from the people who experienced it first-hand. From application submission to offer extension, you should know what to expect and when.

Our mission

cscareers was founded as a Discord server in April 2020 to bring ambitious, like-minded people together during the uncertain times caused by a global pandemic. It's hard to make career progress without physical connections, particularly for those who are just now entering the industry, so we wanted to help. Today we aim to provide an all-in-one platform for people who are looking to land their first software engineering role. We understand that the first step is the most uncomfortable part, but we hope that with our community and tools we can lift each other up and increase everyone's chance of success, no matter your background.


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