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The Importance of Sanitization in a Discord Bot

How one line of code written from 2 years ago was exploited to ping over 45,000 people.

Joey Colon

3 mins read
Landing Software Engineer Interviews Through Cold Emailing

Getting a software engineer interview is tough. Learn the art of cold e-mailing to effectively get interviews at tech companies!

Joey Colon

4 mins read
How to Succeed in Your Software Engineering Internship

Software engineering internships are hard. Learn from an ex-Airbnb/Zillow intern their key insights on how to drive a successful internship!

Devin Soni

9 mins read
How to Unghost Your Software Engineer Job Application

Getting ghosted is a typical outcome when applying to Software Engineering internships, learn how to unblock yourself with these 3 tips!

Brett Fazio

5 mins read

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